Josie’s last day of preschool

Don Héctor and Doña Lucila arrived late last night, and rose early this morning. Our first day together had a busy itinerary.

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The craziness before the storm

I found Josie coloring Joseph with blue chalk outside. Joseph had stripped to his underwear.

I found Josie coloring Joseph with blue chalk outside. Joseph had stripped to his underwear.

It’s T-minus 8 hours to the arrival of my suegros from Bolivia. They’ll arrive late tonight and stay at our house for three weeks.

Much has happened today:

A surprise airport reunion.

A little boy who turned blue.

A trip to Grant’s Farm.

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“We didn’t forget you. We ran miles just to get back to you.”


Wednesday night is church night at the Renaud Empire. We take our kids to AWANA where they play fun games and memorize Bible verses. We usually go to the service except for the one week a month when we serve in AWANA as parent volunteers.

Tonight I thought it would be fun for Yoli and I to use our short time away from the kids for a mini date night. It had been a long week for me at work. Tuesday and Wednesday are usually my weekend, but I had worked overtime on Tuesday for election night. The weather was nice, and it seemed like a little one-on-one time was just what we needed.

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Thanksgiving in Rolla

Ludi and London

Ludi and London

This year it worked out that I didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving. So we headed to down for a two-day celebration at my brother Justin’s. My youngest brother Jon still had to work Thanksgiving, but he and his wife Brittney were able to join us Thursday evening.

It was fun to have everyone together. The kids had lots of fun playing, we busted out the Jaguar for an NBA Jam tournament, we ate a lovely meal, we watched the Cowboys pull off a win, and we all got home safely again.

I’m thankful for such a nice Thanksgiving.

I didn’t photograph exhaustively, but here’s a slideshow of a few fun moments:

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A weekend away from it all

For many years we have relied on camera timers to take self-portraits. It took a while to get this one right.

For many years we have relied on camera timers to take self-portraits. It took a while to get this one right.

It’s been 10 years of wedded bliss for Yoli and me!

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Ten years


we wrote letters
	and raked leaves

we pleaded 
	and prayed

we vowed in Santa Cruz
	and signed in Coral Gables

we made
	babies and bunuelos

we gained 
	family and friends 
	and facebook

we lost 
	tios and tias 
	and little Jubilee

we endured
	tornados and tantrums
	surazos and suegros

we watched
	Petra and parades

we explored
	D.C. and Del Rio
	Copacabana, Cotoca
	San Antonio, Samaipata

we saved
	and we spent

we loved
	and we left

we gave 
	and we grew

from just me and you
	to those four and us two

vows and visas
looks and laughs
tea and tears 
ten times ten
let us love 
and again
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This morning Yoli and I had a rare kid-free couple of hours. We thought it would be fun to to see the new film Jerusalem on the Imax screen at the St. Louis Science Center.

The film is very nicely done. Narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch, it tries to show the different facets of Jerusalem through the inhabitants. The film features three girls: one Jewish, one Christian, and one Muslim, who talk about their lives in the different quarters of the old city. The film also features beautiful visuals, and a good helping of archaeology and sightseeing to explain why different faiths care so deeply about particular places.

Watching the film with Yoli transported me back to the year 2000. As the editor of the student newspaper at UMSL, I received a flyer in the mail inviting me to apply for a seminar in Israel for college newspaper editors sponsored by the American Jewish Committee. It didn’t take me long to decide to apply.

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Found artwork

When I come home from work, I often find books and papers strewn all over the place. Sometimes these papers are fun pieces of artwork. Here are a few I found this morning.

Artwork by Jadzia. Mamá and Papá 10th anniversary. Well, it’s two months away, but I’m glad she knows it’s coming!

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The summer of 2013 in photos

Ludi spins the hula hoop around her neck

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The best pie in Ferguson

Yoli's caramel apple pie

Yoli’s caramel apple pie

After six years, Yoli has finally gotten her due. Her caramel apple pie won the “All-American Pie Contest” with at the Ferguson Farmers Market on Saturday.

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