Baby photos, part 2

At long last, the other set of baby photos has arrived! Enjoy!!

After everything is cleaned up, the newly-become “Nanny” gets to hold her granddaughter.

Hey, a smile!

And an eye! Yoli thought they were brown, I thought they were blue. We’ve had the baby four days now and the jury is still out on this one.

A yawn.

The new family

Apparently a family member who will remain nameless called my dad and exclaimed “Congratulations, Uncle Joe!” Except that my dad became a grandpa, not an uncle.

Diaper No. 1 successfully changed.

Father and daughter bonding.

Mother and daughter bonding.

Wow, that’s a lot of hair!

Getting ready to leave the hospital

Hey, Josh finally figured out how to adjust this new car seat!

But Jadzia is so small, we need to wrap a towel around her head to keep it from flopping around as we drive.

About Josh Renaud

I'm the Emperor of the Renaud Empire, which is to say that I'm the husband of a Boliviana and the father of three daughters and one son. When I'm not conquering lands and expanding borders, I'm a newspaper designer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Find me on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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27 Responses to Baby photos, part 2

  1. Lucy and T.R. says:

    Jadzia Marie looks soooo precious! We are looking forward to seeing her in person! In the meantime, keep the pictures coming!

  2. Aunt Shelly and Uncle Jim says:

    Josh and Joli, we are so happy for all of you. The baby is beautiful and she will only grow more beautiful over time. We hope to see you in person, let us know if a trip to TX is in the near future. You’ve yet to meet our new one, who is almost 2. At least Jadzia will have a Renaud 2nd cousin her age.
    All our love,
    Texas Renauds,
    Jim, Shelly, Aaron, Ariel and Anna

  3. Violeta Rose says:

    Congratulations, Josh and Yoli! Your little girl is very pretty and I know you are in heaven when you touch and feel her. I am a jealous mom of a little boy (almost 2) who wants a girl next.
    Violeta (from the Current)

  4. Steve and Cindy Tornatore says:

    Josh and Yoli! Jadzia looks just like Yoli!! She is so beautiful!! Rocco was our darkest baby with the same shoulder hair going on. It did go away. He never had that much on his back!!!
    Love to you all!
    Steve and Cindy Tornatore

  5. Pitsa Maguire says:

    Josh & Yoli,
    Congratulations to the both of you for a beautiful, healthy blessing from God! We are so happy for you and know that God has great plans for Jadzia! We pray many blessings on your blessed little family! Thanks for the updates and the pictures…keep them coming!
    Love to you all!

  6. Toni & Andrew Uncle Ray & Family says:

    The photo’s are great, welcome Jadzia to the family.
    God Bless with love always from all off us.

  7. Kristy and Cameron Greenhaw (DeWilde) says:

    Congratulations!! Felizidades! We hope to be in the area over Thanksgiving. Hopefully we will have some time to see y’all and get the upclose and personal version… Que precioso!
    Dios te vendiga!
    Kristy and Cam

  8. bev centellas says:

    such a lovely family! I get so excited seeing these pictures. You all look so happy. And ,Yoli, I think the baby looks like you as I remember you as a child. I’m so tickled for you. A little girl!!!!!!God bless you

  9. Steve & Shelley Stipes says:

    Josh & Yoli,
    What a beautiful baby girl! We know the joy you are experiencing right now! Cherish each moment and be blessed by all the “firsts” with your firstborn. Congratulations and blessings to you and your family of three. You both are glowing at the birth of your little Jadzia!
    Steve & Shelley

  10. Gary Grace says:

    Congratulations to the proud parents and the most beautiful Jadzia! Thanks for sharing these wonderful photos. Peace be with you and your families.

  11. Steve Kelley says:

    Congratulations! The photos are terrific.
    May she be a joy by day and asleep by night.

  12. Saudi Renaud's says:

    She is just beautiful and we are happy for the both of you. I’m sure the grandparents are excited although Joe/Anita don’t seem old enough to be grandpa/grandma (well, maybe Joe).
    Stay in Touch!
    Jerry, Laura, Jeremy and Lauren

  13. Adita says:

    Congratulation Yoly and Josh
    You look really happy and I know Baby’s are a blessing. You have a beauty girl.
    Yoly debes estar realmente feliz con la llegada de tu bebe, que bien se ven juntos espero que esta nueva etapa de tu vida como mama sea hermosa bendiciones para ti y tu familia,

  14. Yoel (IVEPer) says:

    Josh & Yoli
    Congratulations, the baby is very cute. The baby is the blessing in your entire life.

  15. Norma Klingsick says:

    Congratulations Josh and Yoli! She’s a beautiful baby. Our oldest Blake had a lot of hair on his back too, just not so dark. I always blamed my husband’s side of the family. Hope she’s sleeping well for you. Thanks for sharing your photos.

  16. Shell says:

    She is a beautiful baby. And yes, it looks as though she’s going to have her mother’s pretty dark hair.

  17. B. Douglas says:

    Wow, Josh, Jadzia is really cute. Most newborns are kind of, well, rough looking. Not like they can help it. Swimming around in ambiotic fluid and then getting squeezed out like some kind of canelloni filling probably isn’t all that much fun, and doesn’t exactly contribute to a good hair day either, but you guys actually managed to have a CUTE newborn. Congratulations to you and Yoli again.

  18. Tom says:

    Wow, she’s got more hair on her back than I do. Wish mine would just fall out, too.
    Congratulations, both of you. She’s beautiful.

  19. Rikia carter says:

    Congrats parents!!! Your precious bundle of love is a beautiful girl. Jadzia has a wonderful mom and dad. See you soon!!

  20. Jacob says:

    gefeliciteerd, Yoli & josh,
    guess, this week I was looking thru my boliviapics, and looked at your pic, thinking how you would be doing, and now, well yust good things may come to you
    with His blessings,

  21. Faye says:

    Dear Yoli and Josh:
    May the Lord continue to show His blessing on your lives! What a beautiful gift He’s given you with Jadzia. Now for all of the tremendous changes that she’s going to bring into your lives. What does the Zegarra family say about her?
    Love, Faye

  22. San Antonio Renauds says:

    Josh and Yoli!
    What a picture perfect baby girl! God is so wonderful, so awesome!
    Yadzia is so precious, wish we were there holding and kissing on her. Does her name have special meaning?
    Thanks for the pictures, we will look for more as I get back on the ole PC more often.
    Congratulations! Yoli, I hope you are recovering well!
    Our prayers are with you all!
    Love, the other Texan Renauds, but the ones in San Antonio,
    Grandma and Carol

  23. The other Texas Renauds says:

    Hi there Josh and Yoli!
    What beautiful pictures of Yadzia, both of you, and Joe and Anita!
    God is so wonderful, so awesome to bring such a precious baby into your lives.
    Josh, you and Yoli look like ready-made parents!!
    Keep the pictures coming, as I am getting back on the ole PC more often now (every one to two weeks!)
    I tried posting another note on this site, but somehow it didn’t take, so this is round two!
    Yoli, I hope you are recovering well. We continue to pray for you.
    Love, the Texan Renauds in San Antonio,
    Grandma and Carol

  24. Felicidades Yoli y Josh. Es una bebita hermosa, cuidenla y disfruten de su presencia en su hogar, Dios les ha dado un hermosos regalo.

  25. Doris y Roberto says:

    La ni�a es muy linda, Dios te bendiga mucho y te de sabidur�a para educarla y disfrutar de su infancia. Besos y abrazos

  26. M�nica says:

    Josh & Yoli
    �Much�simas felicidades PAPIS!!!! Me alegra mucho conocer a Jadzia, es re-linda. Desde el sur del continente mi familia (Carlos, Ely, Rossy, Ayl�n y Sof�a), les mandan felicitaciones por la nena. Que el Se�or siempre les d� sabidur�a al educar a la chiquitina. Estoy re-contenta por ver las fotos de Jadzia, mill�n de gracias…!

  27. Margo Heger says:

    Jadzia Marie looks so beautiful and healthy! I can’t believe you are a dad. Congratulations! Have you gotten used to it yet? Giving tips to Susan and Bill and everybody else?
    Take care and best wishes,