Early wake-up call / Bebe numero dos

This morning Yoli and I awakened at 4:45 a.m. We were preparing to get her and Jadzia to the airport for their trip to Bolivia. I will be joining them next week. That’s an early morning for someone who works until at least 11:30 p.m. every night. On the bright side, it gave me some extra time after I dropped them off to scan some in some recent ultrasound pictures of our next baby (see below)!

This is not a “traveling light” trip, my preferred modus operandi. Yoli will be making a wedding cake and also teaching a cake-decorating class at El Jordán during this trip, so she took all the pots and pans, etc.

Yoli and Jadzia’s trip will last three weeks; I will join them next Sunday, so I’ll be there for two weeks. During this week, Yoli will post a few entries on our Bolivia weblog. Once I join her, I will be posting stuff there as well, so please check often!

Anyway, I know what you really want to see are the ultrasound photos. Here they are:

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I'm the Emperor of the Renaud Empire, which is to say that I'm the husband of a Boliviana and the father of three daughters and one son. When I'm not conquering lands and expanding borders, I'm a newspaper designer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Find me on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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2 Responses to Early wake-up call / Bebe numero dos

  1. Dana Cojocaru-Ivoska says:

    Hi Josh & Yoli!
    Just wanted to congratulate the two of you for the new baby! We wish Yoli to have an easy pregnancy/birth and a healthy baby.
    We also have a great news to announce: my husband and I are expecting a baby as well. I’m about 9 weeks pregnant now, so it’s still a long way to go. We are really happy and excited.
    Hopefully one of these days we can get together and talk some more.
    All the best,
    Dana & Rytis

  2. Josh Renaud says:

    Wow, Dana, that’s great news! Congratulations to you both.