Back to the Botanical Garden

We took advantage of a rare Saturday off last week to take Jadzia to the Botanical Garden. It was a beautiful day and we got some nice photos.

Jadzia and Yoli in one of my favorite spots near the lake at the Japanese Garden.

Jadzia and I in the same spot.

Trying to show Jadzia the waterfall and the ducks.

Jadzia and Yoli feeding the koi. Jadzia really liked this. She also caught on real fast about the food. When she ran out, she went over to the diaper bag to get more, thinking it was just like her own cereal.

Hungry koi.

Jadzia plays in a fountain at the Children’s Garden. At first she wouldn’t step on the metal grating, and she kept reaching into the water from far away. But gradually she got closer (and wetter), forcing Dad to put down the camera and grab her.

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One Response to Back to the Botanical Garden

  1. Nancy says:

    I love the pictures! Jadzia is so cute. I can’t wait to get back to the gardens myself.