Donkey Kong and goats

A few photos for your enjoyment. This is Jadzia at the San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo.

Yoli shows Hayden how to play the guitar at Christmas.

Yoli gives Ludi a baby koala ride.

Ever since Christmastime when we began reading Jadzia books about the birth of Jesus, she has really been fixated on Mary, Jesus and Joseph. She likes to pretend she is Mary (as you can see here) and calls her dolls (or Ludi) “Baby Jesus.”

Yoli made a pixel-perfect cake representation of Donkey Kong for our “Kong Night” when we had some friends over to watch “The King of Kong.”

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2 Responses to Donkey Kong and goats

  1. Nancy says:

    That cake is AWESOME!

  2. Eliza says:

    Las chicas se ven preciosas, y tu torta, buen�sima, est� alusinante, no s� c�mo le hiciste para que pareciera bordado como lo que nos ense�aban en el colegio. Me encant�.