A 3-year-old with a political future

Jadzia likes to employ her powers of suggestion throughout the day. Her requests usually run something like this: “I think you can take us to the Whistle Stop for ice cream.”

It doesn’t matter how many times her dreams are denied. The requests will keep coming. And coming.

Yoli thinks Jadzia is destined for a future career as a lobbyist.

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I'm the Emperor of the Renaud Empire, which is to say that I'm the husband of a Boliviana and the father of three daughters and one son. When I'm not conquering lands and expanding borders, I'm a newspaper designer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Find me on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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4 Responses to A 3-year-old with a political future

  1. anita says:

    We used to say that about you, Josh:)

  2. Becca says:

    Does she stop asking once she hears that the answer is no? Because my favorite thing about Hayden is that he continues asking no matter how many times we say no (and don’t give in)!

  3. Josh Renaud says:

    Nope, the requests keep on coming, no matter how often we say no. If she gets obnoxious about it, yelling and screaming, then sometimes it turns into a discipline thing.

  4. Yoli says:

    I like it when she says, “today we could go to a restaurant and have a pizza, or we could have an ice-cream dinner!”

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