Flashback: Dec. 30, 2008

There have quite a few bits of life that I intended to post about here, but with Christmas and work and girls and babies and everything, I never got around to it. Now I am making up for lost time, and here are some photos we took when we visited the renovated Magic House on New Year’s Eve Eve with my friend John. Unfortunately the lines to get in were far longer than we expected them to be. But the girls had a lot of fun once inside (and thankfully it was totally freezing outside).

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I'm the Emperor of the Renaud Empire, which is to say that I'm the husband of a Boliviana and the father of three daughters and one son. When I'm not conquering lands and expanding borders, I'm a newspaper designer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Find me on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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  1. Becker says:

    Love the pics! The boys always love looking at pictures of the girls (in fact, Hayden regularly asks to see pictures of “baby Josie” now!)

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