Dallas Times-Herald Classifieds at 748-1414…

Advertising often sticks with us in powerful ways, whether we want it to or not.

I have always had a mind for jingles, and I can remember a lot of old commercials and songs. But it has always struck me as peculiar that I could remember a jingle for the Dallas Times-Herald.

After all, I had to have been pretty small when I first heard it. I was born in Fort Worth and later we lived in Arlington, which are both in Dallas’ orbit.

The little snatches of the jingle that I could remember were:

  • “Call the Dallas Times-Herald Classifieds at 748-1414…”
  • “We are those people…”

Today, somehow this came up in conversation at work. As is customary nowadays, I hit up Google to see what I could find. There were eight pages of results, including the actual audio!

As it turns out, my second recollection was a little off. It was actually “We are the pages…” But this jingle is note-for-note the way I remember it. Weird.

Here’s a nice blog entry someone wrote on jingles, with lots of links to audio clips, including the Bunny Bread jingle.

What are some advertising jingles you remember from radio or TV?

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2 Responses to Dallas Times-Herald Classifieds at 748-1414…

  1. Michael says:

    I remember it too. The jingle went like this…

    748-1414 call the Dallas Times Herald Classified at 748-1414. We are the pages, more people are turning to.

  2. Erik Anderson says:

    Yes, sadly I remember it too. In fact, I heard it in my head today for no apparent reason.

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