Yoli’s culinary creations

Here’s a little photo gallery of various — mostly baked — foodstuffs Yoli has made over the years. (Truth be told, this really only scratches the surface Yoli’s culinary adventures. Usually we forget to take photos!)

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5 Responses to Yoli’s culinary creations

  1. Lorrie S says:

    Yoli — these creations of yours are amazing!!!!!

  2. Carolyn says:

    I can only imagine that such treats to the eye were especially delightful to the tummy! How do you all stay so trim? Bigger question: How does a mom of preschoolers manage to bake?
    Miss Carolyn

  3. Elie says:

    Absolutely stunning!!! I think Yoli should open a business. And all the kids can help ; )

  4. kay roush says:

    The culinary creations you have made are stupendous! Kay

  5. Carolyn,
    I think we stay trim because we eat food cooked from scratch. And I usually work on this things once the kids go to bed, while waiting for Josh to get home.

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