Back in Bullard

The Renaud traveling imperial caravan is on its way through Texas. Our final destination is San Antonio by way of Houston.

We started Monday off in Texarkana, Texas, where we had stayed the night before in a hotel. Before we took off on the rest of our trip, we wanted to get a quick photo in front of the town’s famous post office which straddles the Texas-Arkansas border.

Then it was time to head down to my old hometown Bullard, which is a small town south of Tylerin northeast Texas. I lived there in the mid 1980s when I was in kindergarten, first grade, and part of second grade. I have a lot of memories from that time and since it was on our way to Houston, i thought it would be fun to stop by and show the girls our old house.

Here’s the house. The subsequent owners made some changes, the most notable of which is a second story above the garage. Otherwise the house looks much like I remember it, though the yard seems a little more wild.

Once upon a time, my dad built us a treehouse in the backyard. It no longer exists, but I looked for it just in case.

This sandy spot is the remains of a place in the yard I always called “the beach.”

The best part of our stop was dropping in on one of our neighbors from the old days (and surprising him). We had a great time swapping stories and visiting.

About Josh Renaud

I'm the Emperor of the Renaud Empire, which is to say that I'm the husband of a Boliviana and the father of three daughters and one son. When I'm not conquering lands and expanding borders, I'm a newspaper designer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Find me on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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5 Responses to Back in Bullard

  1. Anita Renaud says:

    You made my day with these photos, Josh. Lidia’s home is a perfect reflection of my old friend’s her love of the garden and all things Victorian.

  2. Josh Renaud says:

    Her yard and patio are even more beautiful than this photo can do justice too. Also, tim says he still plays golf but dad will have to give hima few strokes.

  3. dougwong says:

    Hope the heat breaks for you. Houston is supposed to be above 100 today.

  4. Justin Renaud says:

    It is amazing how much smaller the yard looks than I remember. So many great memories. Thanks for doing that Josh.

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