Josie’s last day of preschool

Don Héctor and Doña Lucila arrived late last night, and rose early this morning. Our first day together had a busy itinerary.

Yoli baked a coffee cake, I took the kids to school, and then we ate breakfast. At 10 a.m., it was time to go to McCluer to celebrate the final day of Josie’s preschool class. Here are some photos from the frenetic morning.

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After preschool, we headed home for a quick bite. We dropped Josie and Joseph off with our neighbor, and then we took Don Héctor and Doña Lucila to the St. Louis Science Center to watch “Jerusalem.” Yoli had to politely ignore the “no talking” rule in order to do some translation. But nobody complained.

Don Héctor and Doña Lucila loved the movie — and the Science Center. We’ll probably go back sometime soon to explore more there.

Once Jadzia and Ludi got out of school that afternoon, it was time for Lego Club. Jadzia, Ludi, Don Héactor and I drove to the Prairie Commons Library and spent an hour building cool creations. At the end, there was a challenge to build the tallest tower in six minutes. Of course we won.

Now there’s dinner in our bellies, and I’m looking forward to a quieter evening. Hopefully we can see some of the Spurs game.

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  1. I can FIT INSIDE MY LOCKER!!! I was so tiny, but now I am bigger. But still, I wish I could in my locker. How is it possible I was so little?

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