An All-American Christmas

Ludi in act 3 of an All-American Christmas

Ludi in the third act of an All-American Christmas

Ludi got her first taste of the theater this year. We enrolled her in a new program at church called “Miss Kathey’s Academy for the Performing Arts.” She spent the last several months learning dances and songs in preparation for a big Christmas production.

Well, show time finally arrived. This week Ludi has had a lot of long nights practicing and then performing, but she did great. We’re very proud of her hard work.

Ludi backstage at an All-American Christmas

Ludi backstage at an All-American Christmas

I asked Ludi to write about her experience in her own words. Here’s what she said:

In early May, I started attending Miss Kathey’s Academy. I learned many dances, songs, and drama lines.

I only had six [monthly] practices to learn 15 dances, 20 songs, and 5 lines. Some people from Detroit came to help. They had performed the same show four times.

Our title was “An All-American Christmas.” It was fun and scary. The lights were blinding but I love it and hope to carry out stage again.

Ludi in act 3 of an All-American Christmas

Ludi in the third act of an All-American Christmas

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2 Responses to An All-American Christmas

  1. Ludi Renaud says:

    it was really awesome doing that ! I love acting and I hope to carry it out soon.

  2. Ludi Renaud says:

    Well, here I am three years later, and I’m still doing Ms.Kathey’s. This year I am actually doing the lead child role in Act III, and it’s exciting. I learned that If you tried hard and never give up, then you’ll be fine. I love acting and dancing still, and love to sing as well. I will always have the acting spirit in me, no matter what happens. After a lot of practice with my acting “sister”, Bob Pickett, Mr.Picker, and Mrs.Kathey, I’ve learned how to transform myself completely, into whatever character I wish to be. I suggest you try acting too!
    –Ludi Renaud

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