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Finding Fire Capt. Frank J. Becker

My great-grandfather Frank Becker was a fireman. I knew that he had been promoted to captain at some point, and some relatives had once told me they thought it had been covered on TV or in the newspaper. I wanted … Continue reading

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Cub reporter

From the vaults of the Renaud Empire, I bring you a recently-unearthed journalistic gem. What is it? It’s Josh Renaud interviewing his father, Joe Renaud, sometime in the early 1990s for a school project. You’ve GOT to give it a … Continue reading

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Nine years after Nine/Eleven

I was recently reminded of a short essay I wrote in the aftermath of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. It was published as a guest commentary in UMSL’s student newspaper, The Current, a month after the attacks. I thought … Continue reading

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Preserving my digital history

I was a computer user from an early age. Our first machine was an Atari 800, complete with a tape drive. It was a sort of hand-me-down machine, so we were using it many years after its heyday. I can … Continue reading

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Edwin A. Richter, we won’t forget you

It was almost two years ago that I got in touch with Ed Richter. He was a first cousin to my great-grandpa Frank Becker. At that time I had made a lot of progress in developing my Becker family tree. … Continue reading

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Uncle Bill

My great-uncle Bill (William) George died this morning. I didn’t know him very well, but the times I remember meeting him, I liked him. I remember once visiting his house in Arkansas probably when I was in my teens. Turns … Continue reading

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Living in the trees

For quite a while I’ve been lurking in the shadows, watching as a new web company called developed their site. What is Geni? It’s is a “social networking” site, sort of like Facebook or MySpace, but designed around family … Continue reading

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A memory slipping away

How is it that the war once known as “The Great War” has become the forgotten war? Many disparate interests have gradually gotten me to think about World War I over the past few years. For example: Two of my … Continue reading

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