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Video: Meet Muncher, our baby Monarch caterpillar

(The following story and video are by Yoli) Our milkweeds have attracted a lot of butterflies. It’s given a lot of joy to my kids, especially Jadzia. But a few days ago she found a dead Monarch butterfly. She was … Continue reading

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First dance recital

The girls first dance recital was a major production.

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Found artwork

When I come home from work, I often find books and papers strewn all over the place. Sometimes these papers are fun pieces of artwork. Here are a few I found this morning.

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Junk mail within the Renaud Empire?

My own daughter is sending me junk mail. Of course, one man’s junk mail is another man’s treasure. Lately Jadzia has been sending out letters to friends and family members and has been very excited to get responses. Within the … Continue reading

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Young entrepreneurs

Jadzia, Ludi, and Yoli woke up early Saturday morning and headed to the Ferguson Farmers Market to sell some handicrafts for “kids entrepreneur day.” Jadzia and Ludi got a pretty nice spot at the front of the market. Their booth … Continue reading

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Handy crafters

Jadzia and Ludi have been spending time this week putting together beads, bracelets, necklaces, ghosts and greeting cards. Why? Because tomorrow kid entrepreneurs get a chance to hawk wares at a booth at the Ferguson Farmers Market. Take a look … Continue reading

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Missions to space and the Farmers Market

Today I took Jadzia to the Challenger Learning Center in Ferguson to have a space mission. It was a surprise that Yoli had long wanted to give to her. The timing was good since we just visited the Houston Space … Continue reading

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Swimming lessons at the Wabash

This summer we enrolled Jadzia and Ludi in swimming lessons as January-Wabash Park in Ferguson.

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Girls and boys

Here’s a perfect example of one of the many differences between girls and boys. My daughters are having a dance recital, with piano music by Jadzia. They are singing “Happy Father’s Day!” over and over. Joseph couldn’t care less. He … Continue reading

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Video: Jadzia the biker

At home after her first ride on a bike trail, Jadzia was recovering from the scare of falling halfway through the ride. She asked me if we could ride again the next day, for the purpose of making a video.

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