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Joseph is learning to say new words daily. He can say complete words like Mamá, Papá, apple, pie, come, luna (moon), and “no hay” (there’s no more). He also has his own language. Here are a few examples: “Ia” = … Continue reading

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Sisterly reading session

So here’s a cute photo of Ludi reading to “little” Joseph. How’s about we play a little game? What do you think she’s saying to him? Add your funny caption idea in the comments.

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Joseph’s turn to get shaved

Wednesday we shaved Joseph’s head, following our family’s Bolivian tradition. We did it outside to avoid making a big mess in our rental home. Joseph was a pretty good sport about it and held his head fairly still. Keep reading … Continue reading

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Caught in the cupboard

Yoli caught Joseph in the cupboard. Presumably he’s trying to get at his baby food jars. He likes to bang them together.

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Them kids keep a-growing

A couple milestone notes of interest. JOSEPH has apparently decided he’s done nursing. A couple days ago he just quit. Cold turkey. Yoli, obviously, wasn’t keen on this turn of events. She has tried over and over, but hasn’t been … Continue reading

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Joseph: one and loving it

One year ago, it was after 1 a.m. and Yoli was making crepes in anticipation of our new baby’s arrival the next day. As she was cooking, her first contractions began. After a while we had to call in my … Continue reading

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Grace Easter egg hunt 2011

Today we took the family to Grace Church – St. Louis for their first Easter egg hunt. It was a lot of fun. We took along the iPad and shot some video. Keep reading to see it!

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Joseph’s half-birthday photos

Yesterday was Joseph’s “half birthday,” at which he turned six months old. To celebrate, Yoli made a half-circle chocolate cake. (Not to mention the turkey, Yorkshire pudding, and green beans) This morning we took him out to a new portrait … Continue reading

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Passport photo collage: Joseph

Here’s a collage of photos we took of Joseph, trying to find one we could submit with his passport application. These photos are taken from two different sessions, as you can tell by his clothes and the backgrounds.

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You wanted him, you got him

Just to re-assure everyone that Joseph is alive and well. The dearth of photos here is purely a result of our being very busy and sleep-deprived. Joseph is a very pleasant baby overall, though he is beginning to enter his … Continue reading

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