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First dance recital

The girls first dance recital was a major production.

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Thanksgiving in Rolla

This year it worked out that I didn’t have to work on Thanksgiving. So we headed to down for a two-day celebration at my brother Justin’s. My youngest brother Jon still had to work Thanksgiving, but he and his wife … Continue reading

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Found artwork

When I come home from work, I often find books and papers strewn all over the place. Sometimes these papers are fun pieces of artwork. Here are a few I found this morning.

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The summer of 2013 in photos

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The new camera

In advance of our trip to Bolivia, I decided to get a new camera: An Olympus E-PL5. It’s a mirrorless DSLR, which means it is capable of taking much better photos than a point and shoot, and it uses fancy … Continue reading

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Winter 2012-13 has redeemed itself

Technically it is spring. But if you can overlook that, the Winter of 2012-13 turned out to have several good snowfalls. Yesterday we got about a foot of snow. Last year around this time spring was in full bloom.

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Ferguson’s new fire house

Saturdays are busy days for us now. Ludi and Josie have a dance class early in the morning, and Jadzia has one later on. Today, in between the classes, we took a trip to visit Ferguson’s new fire house. It … Continue reading

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This is winter in St. Louis

This has been another weird, warm winter. We have had only one decent snowfall all year, which I previously posted photos of. Since then we’ve had some slight sprinklings of snow, but it has been too warm for anything to … Continue reading

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Finally, some decent snow in 2013

Yesterday we had a decent snowfall of maybe 5-6 inches in North County. It was regular snow with some sleet and rain on top. Combine that with temperatures slightly above freezing and you have a recipe for sticky snow and … Continue reading

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Sprucing up the house (Or is it firring?)

Every year my mom has a lovely Christmas tree at her house. She and dad usually pick one out from a tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. This year, though, they are several states away, and we decided to get … Continue reading

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