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The Current at 50

In November 1966, UMSL’s student newspaper published its first issue under the name “Current.” That means The Current turns 50 this year! To celebrate, this year’s editor-in-chief, Kat Riddler, put together a fantastic banquet for the current Current staff, alumni … Continue reading

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Remembering Benjamin Israel

Higher education had a term for folks like Benjamin Israel: “nontraditional student.” That applied to him in so many ways. Benjamin died Monday morning. I wanted to share a little bit about his impact. I first met Benjamin when I … Continue reading

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Geese attack

Ten years and two days ago, while I was the editor-in-chief of The Current, I published the following issue of The Stagnant (our annual April Fool’s Day insert). There is a lot of goose-related humor throughout. Geese have always been … Continue reading

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The Current passes swiftly

Ten years ago I was swept away by the current. Make that The Current. Time’s swift flow always catches me off-guard. Was it that long ago that I was using a wax machine to paste strips of paper onto pageboards? … Continue reading

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Free! Free! Free!

Saturday night was Yoli’s annual appreciation dinner for employees of the Ferguson Municipal Library. It was held at the Thyme Table, as usual, and the food was pretty good. This year they had a beef roast, with an egg/potato layered … Continue reading

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I love (loathe) UMSL

On Thursday evening, I went to UMSL to visit an open house at the offices of The Current, the student newspaper. I was once the editor-in-chief, and that place will always have a special place in my heart. In fact, … Continue reading

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