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Full house

So we’ve gotten through the first night with three girls. It has been a bit strenuous keeping up with all these girls. The older two are more than enough to keep us occupied, for sure. But they have given us … Continue reading

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Video: Family visit

Here’s the second of two videos I shot on Wednesday. This one shows my parents, my brother, sister-in-law and nephews when they came over to the hospital to meet Josie. With four toddlers/preschoolers running around the room, there was potential … Continue reading

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Video: Introducing Josie

Here’s the first of two videos I shot on Wednesday. This one shows Josie right after she was born.

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The girls meet Josie

After a while I took Jadzia and Ludi to meet their new sister, Josie. We told them that Josie had arrived with gifts for them: an apron for Jadzia, and sunglasses for Ludi. Both girls were very interested in holding … Continue reading

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Josie Míriel

So here’s a bit more about our new girl, Josie Míriel Renaud. Yoli began having her serious contractions in the night. She woke me to let me know what was happening, but said they were still very irregular and that … Continue reading

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Baby girl, part three

Already I can tell that it’s not easy juggling three kids! Yes, that’s right, the third child arrived early this morning — 7:49 a.m. to be exact (that’s for you, Caesar) — at St. Luke’s Hospital. At the moment the … Continue reading

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Comings and goings

On the way out: We begin our day-long journey to Bolivia at 6:10 a.m. this morning. We should arrive there at 10 p.m. (Bolivia time). That could make for a long day, so please keep us in your prayers. While … Continue reading

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Papá = problem-solver

Daddies are nothing if not problem-solvers. So it was that I faced a dilemma on Friday … Goal: Mow the yard on Friday afternoon before work, since I won’t have another chance to do it until Tuesday. Problem: Ludi is … Continue reading

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Ludi’s gallery

You can see a couple photos taken at the hospital by visiting Ludi’s page at growingfamily.com.

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Back from the hospital

All four of us are now back at Renaud Manor in Ferguson. The hospital stay was nice, but now we’re in for the real grind… The baby is eating, sleeping, pooping, and crying all day long. So far Jadzia has … Continue reading

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