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VIDEO: Joseph comes home

Baby Joseph finally came home around 2 p.m. Thursday. Continuing the Renaud baby tradition, he had little gifts for his sisters: sunglasses for Ludi and Josie, and a set of play keys for Jadzia. Click the “continue reading” link below … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Joseph’s second day

After a long day Tuesday, I decided to try and edit the 30 minutes or so of video I had shot from Joseph’s birth. But I got an unpleasant surprise. Something is amiss with our Sony HandyCam TRV-280, and it … Continue reading

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Birth stories and more photos

Here’s a little more background on the birth of our first boy, Joseph Martin Renaud. Monday night I was working a sports design shift at the Post-Dispatch. The Cardinals home opener and breaking news about Stan Kroenke’s intention to buy … Continue reading

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Baby #4: The little prince

Our fourth baby was born this morning: Joseph Martin Renaud. He weighed 8 lbs, 13 ozs. He was 21¼ inches long. More info will follow later, but here are some pics to tide you over for now:

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Video: Family visit

Here’s the second of two videos I shot on Wednesday. This one shows my parents, my brother, sister-in-law and nephews when they came over to the hospital to meet Josie. With four toddlers/preschoolers running around the room, there was potential … Continue reading

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Video: Introducing Josie

Here’s the first of two videos I shot on Wednesday. This one shows Josie right after she was born.

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The girls meet Josie

After a while I took Jadzia and Ludi to meet their new sister, Josie. We told them that Josie had arrived with gifts for them: an apron for Jadzia, and sunglasses for Ludi. Both girls were very interested in holding … Continue reading

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Josie Míriel

So here’s a bit more about our new girl, Josie Míriel Renaud. Yoli began having her serious contractions in the night. She woke me to let me know what was happening, but said they were still very irregular and that … Continue reading

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Baby girl, part three

Already I can tell that it’s not easy juggling three kids! Yes, that’s right, the third child arrived early this morning — 7:49 a.m. to be exact (that’s for you, Caesar) — at St. Luke’s Hospital. At the moment the … Continue reading

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Baby photos, part 2

At long last, the other set of baby photos has arrived! Enjoy!!

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