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The big four

Ludi turned four years old a couple weeks ago. We had a simple party with the family and one of her friends. They all had a blast. Here are some photos from her special day:

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Joseph: one and loving it

One year ago, it was after 1 a.m. and Yoli was making crepes in anticipation of our new baby’s arrival the next day. As she was cooking, her first contractions began. After a while we had to call in my … Continue reading

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Josie turns two

Our little girl is growing up so fast. As I mentioned in a recent entry, her language ability is growing by leaps and bounds. She picks up new words and phrases all the time. We still have to do a … Continue reading

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Joseph’s half-birthday photos

Yesterday was Joseph’s “half birthday,” at which he turned six months old. To celebrate, Yoli made a half-circle chocolate cake. (Not to mention the turkey, Yorkshire pudding, and green beans) This morning we took him out to a new portrait … Continue reading

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A birthday and a bald-day

Josie turned one year old on Jan. 14. We had a nice little party with the girls and their Nanny. Yoli made homemade pizza, which was awesome. Josie got a kick out of it, and she wasn’t shy about wolfing … Continue reading

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More on birthdays (including yours)

So, I hit a milestone 10 days ago: the big three-oh. Haven’t really noticed anything different, other than my brother Justin referring to me as “old man” on the phone today. (But then I am still called “young Josh” by … Continue reading

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The humility of turning 30

By which I mean to say that the day I turned 30 had some humbling moments. (The age itself really doesn’t faze me, and I haven’t given it much thought) Our journey to Washington D.C. was a lot of fun, … Continue reading

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Jadzia’s 4th birthday

As always, Jadzia was excited about her birthday long before it was anywhere near time for it. One day Yoli brought home a book of different cake designs. Jadzia found a monster cake, and announced that that was what she … Continue reading

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Dad’s 50th

This year was my dad’s 50th birthday. My mom began making big plans for it ahead of time. The centerpiece of her plans were to have a golf outing for my dad which would involve he and his brothers, as … Continue reading

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Catching up is hard to do

Still playing catch-up here on the blog… Someday all my websites, bunk beds, and projects will be finished and we’ll be up to date. Ah, who am I kidding? Anyway, here are a few choice pics from our trip to … Continue reading

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