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Remembering Yolanda Salinas Hess

I was surprised this morning to see an obituary in the Post-Dispatch for Yolanda Salinas Hess. I wanted to share a little bit about her brief, but bright, impact on my life. It started one morning late in Oct. 2002, … Continue reading

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Waits and measures

Maybe waiting is the measure of a man. We have done our share of it. Today, I daydreamed back to a sweltering Bolivian night eight years ago when we made pizza for Yoli’s family and I got down on one … Continue reading

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We lost Tio Adonai

Today, Yoli’s Tio Adonai died. Though he had been struggling with some health problems for a long time, this turn for the worse happened very suddenly. We had just begun talking about how it might be possible to go down … Continue reading

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The humility of turning 30

By which I mean to say that the day I turned 30 had some humbling moments. (The age itself really doesn’t faze me, and I haven’t given it much thought) Our journey to Washington D.C. was a lot of fun, … Continue reading

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Coming to America

Today was the culmination of a lot of work Yoli and I and her family have been doing in recent months: Yoli’s parents received tourist visas so that they can come to America! This is not a particularly easy process … Continue reading

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Killing time in Miami

In two weeks, we’re flying to Bolivia. As usual, we connect to our international flight in Miami. Unlike past years, this time we have a five-hour layover. So basically we will spend an entire day (from 6 a.m. until 10 … Continue reading

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Today I was with Jadzia and Ludi at the school, playing on the playground. As things were winding down, I was talking with Jadzia about airplanes, reminding her about our upcoming trip. “We’re going to take TWO airplanes. We’ll take … Continue reading

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Early wake-up call / Bebe numero dos

This morning Yoli and I awakened at 4:45 a.m. We were preparing to get her and Jadzia to the airport for their trip to Bolivia. I will be joining them next week. That’s an early morning for someone who works … Continue reading

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Back from the east

Well, our mission in Washington D.C. was about 85% accomplished. Yoli was able to get a new Bolivian ID card (with her married name), but not a new passport. The Bolivian consulate in Washington was out of them. It’s difficult … Continue reading

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Jadzia and geopolitics

We’re off to Washington DC tomorrow for the purpose of renewing some of Yoli’s Bolivian papers. If all goes well, we will able to visit some friends, see a museum, and eat at a Bolivian restaurant before heading to Virginia … Continue reading

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