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The reader and the listener

Yoli often tells me about sisterly reading sessions between Ludi and Josie. Ludi pretends to read (or recites what she has memorized) and Josie follows along attentively. One morning Yoli caught one of these cute events on video for your … Continue reading

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Cultural update

It has come to my attention that I neglected to write an update here regarding a post I made last year. In 2010, I wrote that I hoped to someday read The Hobbit to the girls. As it turns out, … Continue reading

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A menu fit for a princess

Jadzia’s most recent Scholastic book order form included a title called “Disney Princess: Royal Recipe Collection.” Just as the Disney marketing machine hoped, Jadzia was immediately intrigued. Rather than purchase this book, Yoli checked to see if the library had … Continue reading

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New cardholder

Jadzia achieved a long-sought goal today: She got a card from the Ferguson Municipal Library. The requirement for a child to receive a card is that he or she be able to print their own name legibly. Jadzia has been … Continue reading

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The joy of reading aloud

I like reading aloud. I guess its a sort of performance art, hearkening back to my days as a preschool teacher or as an actor at school. Most of the books that we read to the girls are easy readers … Continue reading

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The book fairy

Most of you know that we are a very reading-oriented family. We have a mamá who works at the library and a papá who works at the newspaper. Our house has many, many books, as well as two girls who … Continue reading

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The readingest girl ever

Jadzia really likes books. She’ll sit through a session of reading 6 books and start crying when we finish because she wants to hear more. Since Yoli is a librarian, she enrolled Jadzia in a summer reading program where she … Continue reading

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