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Missions to space and the Farmers Market

Today I took Jadzia to the Challenger Learning Center in Ferguson to have a space mission. It was a surprise that Yoli had long wanted to give to her. The timing was good since we just visited the Houston Space … Continue reading

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Do me a favor and say “por favor”

Joseph is a very polite boy. From a small age he has always said “thank you” and “you’re welcome” (in two languages). But he also he can be very stubborn. For a long time, Joseph has said “por favor” only … Continue reading

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Cuisinart Chopper fail

So here’s a little video we’re posting in order to show Cuisinart the problem we have begun having with our “elite” chopper after about four months of use. It’s been causing Yoli no end of frustration.

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Baking bread in the new kitchen

This is why Yoli was so insistent on having one long, uninterrupted countertop space — even though it may have violated the sacred “kitchen triangle” principle. Baking with the kids. Ludi and Josie each had plenty of room to work … Continue reading

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Eight years calls for some cake

Yoli made a top notch chocolate cake for our eighth anniversary. It had layers of hazelnut creme between chocolate crepes, and was covered with a chocolate glaze. To top it off, she made candied hazelnuts. Wow!

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An adventure at SeaWorld, and visiting family

Our girls are growing so fast. Jadzia starts kindergarten and Ludi begins preschool this year. So while we were in San Antonio, it seemed about time to introduce them to SeaWorld.

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Today Yoli made a concoction called ‘syllabub’. It’s heavy cream with juice from 2 lemons and 1 orange, white grape juice and a half cup sugar. You whip the cream and add the other stuff. This recipe came from the … Continue reading

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A menu fit for a princess

Jadzia’s most recent Scholastic book order form included a title called “Disney Princess: Royal Recipe Collection.” Just as the Disney marketing machine hoped, Jadzia was immediately intrigued. Rather than purchase this book, Yoli checked to see if the library had … Continue reading

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When cakes don’t come out right

Yoli wants everyone to know that her cakes don’t always come out right. Usually it’s because she forgets to add a key ingredient. Such was the case last night as she was baking a special cake for Valentine’s Day. Yoli … Continue reading

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A cupful of yogurt (or two) helps the shopping trip go down

Groceries + girls = grumpy (me). Well, at times. I enjoy shopping, but I like to do it quickly and peacefully. It’s when the girls act up and get silly that I become upset. In recent weeks, though, I have … Continue reading

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