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Attack of the short hair cuts

It’s all Ludi’s fault. Late last year she decided one day at lunch that she wanted a haircut. A dramatically shorter haircut, with bangs in front. She asked to get down from the table so she could go to the … Continue reading

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Joseph’s turn to get shaved

Wednesday we shaved Joseph’s head, following our family’s Bolivian tradition. We did it outside to avoid making a big mess in our rental home. Joseph was a pretty good sport about it and held his head fairly still. Keep reading … Continue reading

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A birthday and a bald-day

Josie turned one year old on Jan. 14. We had a nice little party with the girls and their Nanny. Yoli made homemade pizza, which was awesome. Josie got a kick out of it, and she wasn’t shy about wolfing … Continue reading

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A mohawk is a mohawk, of course, of course

Jadzia and I went shopping at Aldi’s this morning. As we were bagging our groceries, she saw a kid whose hair was cut into a mohawk. “That’s a horse,” she said. Thankfully she dropped the subject pretty quickly.

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Busy weekend, early mornings

Today was a jam-packed day, leading in to a jam-packed next few days. I woke up early thinking I had an 8 a.m. appointment for a haircut. Turns out it was 9 a.m. But still, that’s pretty early for me. … Continue reading

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“P” for Pelonita

BEFORE AFTER Yes, we finally followed the Bolivian tradition and shaved Jadzia’s hair. It took two days.

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