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Sprucing up the house (Or is it firring?)

Every year my mom has a lovely Christmas tree at her house. She and dad usually pick one out from a tree farm the day after Thanksgiving. This year, though, they are several states away, and we decided to get … Continue reading

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Then and now: one year after our tornado

Hard to believe that one year ago tonight was Good Friday. My parents were at church. I was at work. My family was at home. And they were right in the path of a tornado that cut across north St. … Continue reading

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Stories from Yoli: Inside the box, right side up

Most nights when I come home from work, Yoli has stories to tell about what the kids were up to. Stories of mischief, of cuteness. Today is the tale of the girl in the tall box. Now that we have … Continue reading

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Drapes of Wrath of Khan

Okay, so the title of this blog post doesn’t really mean anything, but keep reading anyway. We have been in our renovated home for about 2 weeks or so. It is lovely: the rooms are all painted, the floor is … Continue reading

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Still unpacking

Yeah, we’re still unpacking. It’s going to take a while. But I didn’t find Darth Maul inside that box. That means he use be on the loose. Watch your backs.

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What do you do when your new house has no curtains?

Well, you do what Yoli did: Build a big wall of cardboard boxes. (This isn’t just any wall, by the way. The large box on the left is supported by a sort of bridge which allows air to come up … Continue reading

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Return from exile

Friday marked the return from exile of the Renaud Empire to its imperial family compound. See how the prince and princesses reacted to their “new” digs in this short video.

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Waits and measures

Maybe waiting is the measure of a man. We have done our share of it. Today, I daydreamed back to a sweltering Bolivian night eight years ago when we made pizza for Yoli’s family and I got down on one … Continue reading

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Took my near-daily spin by the house this morning after dropping the girls at their schools. At last, kitchen cabinets! Watch this short video to see how the house is looking.

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Bathroom tile!

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