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The space explorers meet the Borg

On nights when I am home from work, I tell the kids stories before bed. Because they are divided among two rooms, I usually tell two stories. The first story is for Josie and Joseph, and usually involves me making … Continue reading

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Ten years

we wrote letters and raked leaves we pleaded and prayed we vowed in Santa Cruz and signed in Coral Gables we made babies and bunuelos we gained family and friends and facebook we lost tios and tias and little Jubilee … Continue reading

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This morning Yoli and I had a rare kid-free couple of hours. We thought it would be fun to to see the new film Jerusalem on the Imax screen at the St. Louis Science Center. The film is very nicely … Continue reading

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The summer of 2013 in photos

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Bikers in action

A new era has dawned at the Renaud Empire — the bike era.

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The Fellowship of the Readers

Regular readers of this blog know that reading aloud is a big thing in the Renaud Empire. We have gone through many children’s books over the past couple years, including “The Hobbit” twice. For quite some time I have harbored … Continue reading

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Lawnmowner wrestling

Since we moved into our house nearly six years ago, I have had a secondhand lawn mower that gets the job done. It is self-propelled with a front wheel drive, but that feature has been a bane. When it is … Continue reading

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An October to remember

This has been a crazy month on all fronts: Our house has been under construction, and is nearing completion. We had thought that it might even be ready to move in by the end of October. That didn’t happen, but … Continue reading

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Sick in San Antonio

As I mentioned in the previous entry, from the beginning of our Second Great Road Trip, I had been suffering a bit in my sinuses and chest. I chalked it up to allergies. But the evening we got back to … Continue reading

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More on the iPad 2 + Video!

I knew I had made some waves when my dad called me to find out why I purchased an iPad 2. “You never buy the state-of-the-art computers,” he said. This is true. We often buy second-hand, whether it’s computers, minivans, … Continue reading

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