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Scenes from the backyard in autumn

A weird morning. My tummy was rumbly, but I had promised to accompany Jadzia on her field trip to Little Creek. So she and Ludi and I walked together to school. When I got there, the teacher said chaperones would … Continue reading

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The reader and the listener

Yoli often tells me about sisterly reading sessions between Ludi and Josie. Ludi pretends to read (or recites what she has memorized) and Josie follows along attentively. One morning Yoli caught one of these cute events on video for your … Continue reading

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Girls and boys

Here’s a perfect example of one of the many differences between girls and boys. My daughters are having a dance recital, with piano music by Jadzia. They are singing “Happy Father’s Day!” over and over. Joseph couldn’t care less. He … Continue reading

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Poetic license

Ludi is learning to read, and she can read more than she lets on. But she also greatly enjoys pretending to read, that is, taking a book and reading aloud a completely different made-up story. This is what I found … Continue reading

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Attack of the short hair cuts

It’s all Ludi’s fault. Late last year she decided one day at lunch that she wanted a haircut. A dramatically shorter haircut, with bangs in front. She asked to get down from the table so she could go to the … Continue reading

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Let’s go Cardinals!

The World Series is in full force! The girls have been following excitedly (except when the games are actually on at night. They would rather watch “Angelina Ballerina” instead) and I have been hard at work at the Post-Dispatch. I … Continue reading

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Girls at work

Yoli called all of us in to eat lunch Saturday, and I went to find the girls. And lo and behold, they were neatly arrayed behind three play desks they had created. Jadzia was playing store/restaurant, and the others were … Continue reading

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Overheard in the minivan

Ludi: “…let’s have a surprise party for Papá!” Jadzia: “Shhhhh….” [much whispering ensues]. Ludi: “Papá, did you hear what we’re talking about?” Me: “Maybe!” Jadzia and Ludi together: “Forget! Forget!” Josie: “Daddy, it tastes like grass!” Me: “Don’t eat it!” … Continue reading

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Josie turns two

Our little girl is growing up so fast. As I mentioned in a recent entry, her language ability is growing by leaps and bounds. She picks up new words and phrases all the time. We still have to do a … Continue reading

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Josie’s speaking ability

Josie’s speech is growing by leaps and bounds every day. She does a lot of babbling, peppered with real English and Spanish words. In the last few weeks we have heard her begin to sing a little bit of “A … Continue reading

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