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Back in Bullard

The Renaud traveling imperial caravan is on its way through Texas. Our final destination is San Antonio by way of Houston. We started Monday off in Texarkana, Texas, where we had stayed the night before in a hotel. Before we … Continue reading

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Joseph’s turn to get shaved

Wednesday we shaved Joseph’s head, following our family’s Bolivian tradition. We did it outside to avoid making a big mess in our rental home. Joseph was a pretty good sport about it and held his head fairly still. Keep reading … Continue reading

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Life in Woodson Terrace

This is day five of the Renaud Empire in exile. Or maybe we could call it Operation Expand Our Borders. Or maybe we could just say day five of “vacation” in the “Renaud Empire Southeast.” However you look at it, … Continue reading

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Still uncertain after the storm

I pulled up to our house this morning and found my insurance adjuster around the back. He was climbing what remained of our tree, snapping photos of the broken kitchen. Our tree guys had cleared away much of the oak … Continue reading

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Video: Tree removal

Though I had hoped we would get to it sooner, tree cutting finally came today. As I write this, the guys are hard at work slicing that monster into small pieces and getting it all out to the curb. The … Continue reading

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Temporary phone number

It has come to my attention that folks have been calling our old number, and obviously receiving no answer. For now, please use this number: 314-200-5760. It’s a Google Voice number that will forward to whatever phone we are near.

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Photos: The storm’s aftermath

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Renaud Empire: DISASTER AREA

Here’s a short video highlighting the damage done to our house. Here’s the story in a nutshell: a huge tornado-producing storm swept across St. Louis. North County was hit particularly hard. Our giant oak tree in the backyard fell on … Continue reading

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Today Yoli made a concoction called ‘syllabub’. It’s heavy cream with juice from 2 lemons and 1 orange, white grape juice and a half cup sugar. You whip the cream and add the other stuff. This recipe came from the … Continue reading

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More on the iPad 2 + Video!

I knew I had made some waves when my dad called me to find out why I purchased an iPad 2. “You never buy the state-of-the-art computers,” he said. This is true. We often buy second-hand, whether it’s computers, minivans, … Continue reading

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