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Swimming lessons at the Wabash

This summer we enrolled Jadzia and Ludi in swimming lessons as January-Wabash Park in Ferguson.

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Girls and boys

Here’s a perfect example of one of the many differences between girls and boys. My daughters are having a dance recital, with piano music by Jadzia. They are singing “Happy Father’s Day!” over and over. Joseph couldn’t care less. He … Continue reading

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Poetic license

Ludi is learning to read, and she can read more than she lets on. But she also greatly enjoys pretending to read, that is, taking a book and reading aloud a completely different made-up story. This is what I found … Continue reading

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Video: doctor gives a hairdo

Jadzia plays both doctor and stylist. Keep reading to see a video.

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Attack of the short hair cuts

It’s all Ludi’s fault. Late last year she decided one day at lunch that she wanted a haircut. A dramatically shorter haircut, with bangs in front. She asked to get down from the table so she could go to the … Continue reading

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Stories from Yoli: Inside the box, right side up

Most nights when I come home from work, Yoli has stories to tell about what the kids were up to. Stories of mischief, of cuteness. Today is the tale of the girl in the tall box. Now that we have … Continue reading

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Sisterly reading session

So here’s a cute photo of Ludi reading to “little” Joseph. How’s about we play a little game? What do you think she’s saying to him? Add your funny caption idea in the comments.

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Let’s go Cardinals!

The World Series is in full force! The girls have been following excitedly (except when the games are actually on at night. They would rather watch “Angelina Ballerina” instead) and I have been hard at work at the Post-Dispatch. I … Continue reading

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A picture story: “Fruits girls mistakes”

Check out this combined story-telling effort by Jadzia and Ludi. Jadzia wrote the words, Ludi drew the pictures. (here’s a transcript in case you can’t read it: “Fruits girls mistakes. She ate too many cherys so she turnd red. She … Continue reading

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Girls at work

Yoli called all of us in to eat lunch Saturday, and I went to find the girls. And lo and behold, they were neatly arrayed behind three play desks they had created. Jadzia was playing store/restaurant, and the others were … Continue reading

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