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Still thankful for the Rams

I’m definitely feeling all the outrage over the Rams leaving St. Louis to return to Los Angeles. They were, overall, terrible for most of their years in St. Louis. They fleeced us to come here in 1995, and they fleeced … Continue reading

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Remembering Benjamin Israel

Higher education had a term for folks like Benjamin Israel: “nontraditional student.” That applied to him in so many ways. Benjamin died Monday morning. I wanted to share a little bit about his impact. I first met Benjamin when I … Continue reading

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Church signs in Ferguson

Just over a week after the Michael Brown shooting, I was struck by the idea of photographing church signs in and around Ferguson. I figured many of them would have messages related to the shooting and its aftermath. On Sunday … Continue reading

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Still making headlines: Jadzia’s tooth

Some may say newspapers are dying, but they are alive and well in the Renaud Empire. Jadzia is still making them. Her latest edition is about finally losing her loose tooth.

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Jadzia: newspaper publisher

This week the girls are on spring break, and Wednesday was a big day for the Renaud Empire. All the kids went with Yoli to Friendship International, where Jadzia and Ludi enjoyed a reunion with their former teachers there. After … Continue reading

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When news happens

Working at a newspaper is still an exciting thing to do, even if the future of the industry looks dim. In the last week, I have had to work during two big breaking news stories. The first was the horrible … Continue reading

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Dallas Times-Herald Classifieds at 748-1414…

Advertising often sticks with us in powerful ways, whether we want it to or not. I have always had a mind for jingles, and I can remember a lot of old commercials and songs. But it has always struck me … Continue reading

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Comics poll

Okay, it’s no secret. I really enjoy newspaper comics. But one thing that bugs me about the newspaper comics is the way so many papers cling to ancient strips, stale and moldy, drawn by their creators’ grandchildren. The Post-Dispatch is … Continue reading

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