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Sisterly reading session

So here’s a cute photo of Ludi reading to “little” Joseph. How’s about we play a little game? What do you think she’s saying to him? Add your funny caption idea in the comments.

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When is the best time to buy washer/dryer?

Last year we added a dishwasher to our home. This year we plan to upgrade single-unit washer and dryer with larger, energy-efficient units. But when is the best time to buy? Tax holiday? Are there seasonal sales at Sears? I … Continue reading

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High-speed internet alternatives in St. Louis?

It’s no secret that the Renaud Empire is a thrifty state. So, while we are lovers of technology, we have never ponied up for cable, high-speed internet access, or cell phones. There doesn’t seem to be enough competition among service … Continue reading

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Looking for Springerle molds

So the Post-Dispatch recently published a story about Springerle cookies. I pointed it out to Yoli because I knew she would be interested. How right I was! The first thing that caught my attention was the recipe’s use of “hartshorn,” … Continue reading

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Google Wave invites

So Google just informed me that I have eight invites available for Google Wave. If you haven’t heard of it, Wave is a collaborative tool that sort of takes the best of email, IM, chat, and other technologies and rolls … Continue reading

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More on birthdays (including yours)

So, I hit a milestone 10 days ago: the big three-oh. Haven’t really noticed anything different, other than my brother Justin referring to me as “old man” on the phone today. (But then I am still called “young Josh” by … Continue reading

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Killing time in Miami

In two weeks, we’re flying to Bolivia. As usual, we connect to our international flight in Miami. Unlike past years, this time we have a five-hour layover. So basically we will spend an entire day (from 6 a.m. until 10 … Continue reading

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