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The Current at 50

In November 1966, UMSL’s student newspaper published its first issue under the name “Current.” That means The Current turns 50 this year! To celebrate, this year’s editor-in-chief, Kat Riddler, put together a fantastic banquet for the current Current staff, alumni … Continue reading

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Still thankful for the Rams

I’m definitely feeling all the outrage over the Rams leaving St. Louis to return to Los Angeles. They were, overall, terrible for most of their years in St. Louis. They fleeced us to come here in 1995, and they fleeced … Continue reading

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Remembering Yolanda Salinas Hess

I was surprised this morning to see an obituary in the Post-Dispatch for Yolanda Salinas Hess. I wanted to share a little bit about her brief, but bright, impact on my life. It started one morning late in Oct. 2002, … Continue reading

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This morning Yoli and I had a rare kid-free couple of hours. We thought it would be fun to to see the new film Jerusalem on the Imax screen at the St. Louis Science Center. The film is very nicely … Continue reading

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The best Christmas present of all time

Two things came up recently which spurred me to write a blog post one year sooner than I originally planned. The first thing is that I created a new website called Break Into Chat, which hosts a wiki about the … Continue reading

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Love, baseball and losses

There’s something about that first love. Or maybe it’s that first loss. I remember a girl I loved, and the spark of hope that burned in me until the day I found out there was no chance, that she would … Continue reading

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England: Nan’s birth home

My Nan grew up in Wellingborough, England. Last week I got to see her childhood home, and today we went to her birth home in order to shoot a short little video. (Nan’s brother, Uncle Raymond, jokingly claims she was … Continue reading

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Geese attack

Ten years and two days ago, while I was the editor-in-chief of The Current, I published the following issue of The Stagnant (our annual April Fool’s Day insert). There is a lot of goose-related humor throughout. Geese have always been … Continue reading

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The Current passes swiftly

Ten years ago I was swept away by the current. Make that The Current. Time’s swift flow always catches me off-guard. Was it that long ago that I was using a wax machine to paste strips of paper onto pageboards? … Continue reading

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Cub reporter

From the vaults of the Renaud Empire, I bring you a recently-unearthed journalistic gem. What is it? It’s Josh Renaud interviewing his father, Joe Renaud, sometime in the early 1990s for a school project. You’ve GOT to give it a … Continue reading

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