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The best Christmas present of all time

Two things came up recently which spurred me to write a blog post one year sooner than I originally planned. The first thing is that I created a new website called Break Into Chat, which hosts a wiki about the … Continue reading

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More on the iPad 2 + Video!

I knew I had made some waves when my dad called me to find out why I purchased an iPad 2. “You never buy the state-of-the-art computers,” he said. This is true. We often buy second-hand, whether it’s computers, minivans, … Continue reading

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iPad at last!

It only took me four tries to get an iPad 2. Today I’ve been fooling around with it, adding free apps, and even a FaceTime video chat with a cousin in Texas. One of our hopes is to use Skype … Continue reading

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AT&T’s $14.95 DSL might get me to switch

So, I’m revisiting high-speed internet options in St. Louis again. The main reason is that AT&T is offering three of their DSL plans for $14.95 for 12 months. This is a great price point for me, since it’s under the … Continue reading

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High-speed internet alternatives in St. Louis?

It’s no secret that the Renaud Empire is a thrifty state. So, while we are lovers of technology, we have never ponied up for cable, high-speed internet access, or cell phones. There doesn’t seem to be enough competition among service … Continue reading

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Third time’s the charm

In recent years I have twice written up a stack of Christmas cards with every intention of mailing them. I even got them into the envelopes and somewhat addressed. Then some thing(s) or other cropped up and I procrastinated to … Continue reading

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Google Wave invites

So Google just informed me that I have eight invites available for Google Wave. If you haven’t heard of it, Wave is a collaborative tool that sort of takes the best of email, IM, chat, and other technologies and rolls … Continue reading

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Breaking the terabyte barrier

Ever since I got back from Bolivia, one of the hard disks inside my PowerMac G4 was getting ready to fail. When it became clear that it was a physical problem, and not just a software issue, I decided it … Continue reading

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New camera

People always seem surprised to learn that we don’t have cable, high-speed internet access, cell phones or a digital camera. After all, we are a highly computer-literate family, and I am a lover of technology. Well, now you can knock … Continue reading

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