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Tornado times two

Spring has been wild this year in St. Louis. A tornado hit Hazelwood in April, and then last Friday a much bigger tornado came through. It began in St. Charles and swept across North County, including Ferguson.

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Then and now: one year after our tornado

Hard to believe that one year ago tonight was Good Friday. My parents were at church. I was at work. My family was at home. And they were right in the path of a tornado that cut across north St. … Continue reading

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Tornado reconstruction continues

Spring has come to St. Louis early, and things are moving again at our house. Among the projects we still need to have completed are: rebuilding the bottom of driveway where the tree’s root ball came up fixing our yard … Continue reading

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11 things we are thankful for in 2011

This year, the final day of our anniversary falls on the same day as Thanksgiving. There is much to be thankful for, so much of it obviously connected with the tornado that wrecked our house in April. We are thankful: … Continue reading

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Return from exile

Friday marked the return from exile of the Renaud Empire to its imperial family compound. See how the prince and princesses reacted to their “new” digs in this short video.

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Waits and measures

Maybe waiting is the measure of a man. We have done our share of it. Today, I daydreamed back to a sweltering Bolivian night eight years ago when we made pizza for Yoli’s family and I got down on one … Continue reading

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Windows are the eyes of the soul

… at least, I think that’s how it went. Well, we have new windows throughout the house now! There is more drywall going up, and electrical being put in.

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Progress reports

This week Jadzia brought home her first report card — or rather “mid-quarter progress report.” Her teacher had very nice things to say, and of course we are proud of how she is doing in school so far. Last week, … Continue reading

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A house is taking shape

After a wonderful lunch Tuesday with some current and former coworkers, I took a quick detour to check on our house in Ferguson. I knew that the workers had begun framing, so I was eager to see walls taking shape. … Continue reading

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Masonry and excavation … Now that’s progress

Paid a visit to the house today to see how work was progressing, and also because the grass in the front yard was in danger of becoming a forest. What I found was awesome. Lots of works, lots of work … Continue reading

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