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Mister Rogers marathon!

Twitch.tv is streaming ALL 886 episodes of Mister Rogers Neighborhood over 18 days. Amazing! You can watch right now!

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Dozens of monarchs

Today we released 20 monarch butterflies that emerged from their chrysalises. The season started off seemingly slow. We weren’t finding caterpillars like we had at the same time last year. I guess they just got a late start, because eventually … Continue reading

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Our great summer: Ferguson swim team

This summer we embarked on a new adventure: Ludi joined the Ferguson Swim Team.

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Ferguson’s children: Our voice

Drums. Singing. Shakespeare. MLK. What a great afternoon we had enjoying the artistry of Jadzia and other Ferguson kids! The event was designed as a response to recent events in Ferguson and throughout St. Louis. Students from across the Ferguson-Florissant … Continue reading

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Jadzia: Monarchs, part 2

Today I bring you the second part of the Muncher and Cruncher saga. There is sadness and there is hope. The following story was written by Jadzia. After the story is a video, which I filmed.

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Video: Meet Muncher, our baby Monarch caterpillar

(The following story and video are by Yoli) Our milkweeds have attracted a lot of butterflies. It’s given a lot of joy to my kids, especially Jadzia. But a few days ago she found a dead Monarch butterfly. She was … Continue reading

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First dance recital

The girls first dance recital was a major production.

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Winter 2012-13 has redeemed itself

Technically it is spring. But if you can overlook that, the Winter of 2012-13 turned out to have several good snowfalls. Yesterday we got about a foot of snow. Last year around this time spring was in full bloom.

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The reader and the listener

Yoli often tells me about sisterly reading sessions between Ludi and Josie. Ludi pretends to read (or recites what she has memorized) and Josie follows along attentively. One morning Yoli caught one of these cute events on video for your … Continue reading

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Swimming lessons at the Wabash

This summer we enrolled Jadzia and Ludi in swimming lessons as January-Wabash Park in Ferguson.

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