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Winter 2012-13 has redeemed itself

Technically it is spring. But if you can overlook that, the Winter of 2012-13 turned out to have several good snowfalls. Yesterday we got about a foot of snow. Last year around this time spring was in full bloom.

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This is winter in St. Louis

This has been another weird, warm winter. We have had only one decent snowfall all year, which I previously posted photos of. Since then we’ve had some slight sprinklings of snow, but it has been too warm for anything to … Continue reading

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VIDEO: Unhappy in the snow

Jadzia has been waiting all winter for us to get enough snow that she could make a snowman. Finally the moment arrived. She and Ludi came out with me and we began working on a snowman. But the fun didn’t … Continue reading

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Northern Lights

This past Sunday, Yoli bravely trekked from our house to Florissant Rd. so the girls could watch Northern Lights, Ferguson’s holiday parade/festival. She did this in spite of the threat of snow. As she tells it, everything went well until … Continue reading

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Snow = sled time

We’ve had several snows this winter, but today was the first time we were able to take Jadzia out for some sledding action. We put some hot tea in a thermos, dressed Jadzia in triple layers, and headed out. We … Continue reading

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Powered down

A winter storm walloped the St. Louis area. Lots of sleet Thursday followed by some snow and ice Friday made roads treacherous for a bit, but worse than that, it caused nearly half a million people to lose power. Our … Continue reading

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