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Scenes from the backyard in autumn

A weird morning. My tummy was rumbly, but I had promised to accompany Jadzia on her field trip to Little Creek. So she and Ludi and I walked together to school. When I got there, the teacher said chaperones would … Continue reading

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Building boxes

Today my dad came over to help me with a project I had hoped to do last year before a certain tornado changed all our plans. We built a couple of boxes to be used for raised garden beds, out … Continue reading

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Lawnmowner wrestling

Since we moved into our house nearly six years ago, I have had a secondhand lawn mower that gets the job done. It is self-propelled with a front wheel drive, but that feature has been a bane. When it is … Continue reading

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Lawn care

Beautiful weather left me with no excuse to avoid raking leaves today. The girls offered their “help” which lasted for a while. Mostly they wanted me to make piles that they could play in. Ludi was the best helper, probably, … Continue reading

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Still hanging on up there

‘Twas a beautiful day … perhaps the last beautiful day of the year. I knew I had to take advantage of it, so I embarked on a mow-n’-rake. Took about two hours or so, but I got about 90% of … Continue reading

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Papá = problem-solver

Daddies are nothing if not problem-solvers. So it was that I faced a dilemma on Friday … Goal: Mow the yard on Friday afternoon before work, since I won’t have another chance to do it until Tuesday. Problem: Ludi is … Continue reading

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Change of seasonry

It finally feels like spring. Today I mowed the grass for the first time this year. It had become a jungle. Now it looks somewhat civilized. (I also got to bust out my new weed wacker)

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