"All I Need"

Written 07/18/99

You're so far away
And I'm so all alone
We write and write
But it dies off slow
The thrill of getting letters
Is not the same as seeing you

It's getting harder now
To recall your happy face
Your cheerful voice
Your bouyant steps
They are distant memories

God, give me strength to hold on tight
You've put me here in the place that's right
I want to trust in you to guide me through
You know my heart, it's torn in two
So please take what I
Have left
And put it together

God gave us the chance
To meet, to care, to love
What we had was a blessing
What we'll get will be a gift
I'll take whatever God will give

The heart's desires are oft-not pure
They're my wants, my feelings
But I don't wanna let them get in the way
I wanna put aside my selfish whims
And just look up, to focus on Him
God, Creator-Maker
Giver of All Things
You are all I need
Help me see
Your love for me
Is all I need

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