"Earth Lands On EARTH!"

Young Bobby Bates was playing in his sand box, unaware of the giant shadow falling across the yard. Above him, thousands of feet in the air, a giant sphere was slowly descending. A terrifically loud noise filled the neighborhood, sending children screaming inside their homes.

After several minutes, this miniature planet had begun to hover in place, fifteen feet off the ground.

The army and air force had detected the sphere on radar, and several air and ground units had been dispatched to intercept and investigate the sphere.

Upon arrival, they were all stunned to discover this tiny duplicate of the planet earth. What was going on?

Scientists studied the pint-sized planet, and decided it was a living replica of their own home. Nobody understood how it was created or why it had come to the real earth.

One crazy soldier decided to blow up the mini-earth with a Law's rocket. Under the cover of night, he climbed atop the roof of a house down the street from the hovering blobe. Carefully, he aimed and fired.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the big earth, in Asia, a radar alarm went off loudly, alerting the watchman on duty to look at it. What he saw sent him into a panic.

The watchman picked up the phone, and dialed the duty commander. "Sir, I've got a giant projectile on collision course with earth, from outer space. It's the size of ten skyscrapers, and its speed is...well...incredible!"

That's all he got a chance to say. The projectile collided with earth and blew it apart...

At the same time the Law's rocket collided with the small earth and blew it apart...

All the projectiles collided with all the earths and blew them all apart.

Time stopped.


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