Hazelwood West 'Net Gazette -- 1997-1998

What was the 'Net Gazette?

The Gazette is the student newspaper of Hazelwood West High School in Hazelwood, Missouri. It functioned as a class offered in the fall and spring semesters of the school year. Each semester, the class would print 5 issues.

During the 1997-98 school year, our teacher was Mrs. Sue Smith. Doug Carr and I did something unusual that year, which is that we were able to talk our way into staying on staff for both semesters, instead of only one. He was the top editor and I was the opinions editor.

Funding was low that year. Mrs. Smith's idea was to publish the fifth and final issue of each semester online only to save on the printing costs. So that's what we did.

Mrs. Smith handled almost all the HTML coding and uploading of these two "Net Gazette" issues. I contributed the graphic titles for each section ("news," "sports," etc).

Doug had kept copies of these 'Net Gazette issues, including the original photos and graphics. He gave them to me several years ago in order to present them online. In May 2009, I finally got around to doing so.

Unfortunately, several files were missing, but thankfully these files were only "framesets" -- no articles or photos are missing. I have recreated the framesets from memory, but I'm sure they don't look quite like the original. Otherwise, I have cleaned up some formatting, but I have not altered any content.

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