Hazelwood West 'Net Gazette — 1997-1998

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What was the 'Net Gazette?

The Gazette is the student newspaper of Hazelwood West High School in Hazelwood, Missouri. In the 1990s, students could take newspaper as a class in either the fall or spring semester of the school year. Each semester, the newspaper class would publish five glossy print issues of the Gazette.

During the 1997-98 school year, the Gazette's teacher and sponsor was Sue Smith. Funding was low that year, so Mrs. Smith had the idea to publish the fifth issue each semester online-only to save on the printing costs. We decided to call these two issues the "Net Gazette".

Doug Carr and I were editors on the fall newspaper staff that year, and we managed to talk our way into being allowed to remain on staff for the spring semester, too. He was the top editor and I was the opinions editor.

Mrs. Smith handled almost all the work of producing the the two online issues: writing the HTML, uploading the files to the web, etc. I contributed the graphic title images for each section ("news," "sports," etc). I created them in Photoshop, using lots of filters and special effects.

After several years, Hazelwood West's servers changed, and these issues were no longer online. Thankfully, Doug had kept copies of the files for these 'Net Gazette' issues, including the original photos and graphics. Doug gave the files to me, and in May 2009 I began preparing them to republish for posterity.

I found that a few frameset files were missing, so I had to recreate the framesets from memory. But none of the articles or photos were missing. I did not alter any content — it remains as it was written in 1997-98.

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