"The Lime-Green Divider Partition"

As a student, it was bad enouygh. The lime-green divider partition separated my room from the other room, but it did not keep the noise out. The other class sounded like a buffalo herd, day after day after day. It was terrible for me, but I was just there one hour a day. I couldn't imagine how bad it was for my Spanish teacher, who endured it constantly and consistently.

One day, loud screams filtered through, as Mr. Ahannoccm was going through the lesson. We were used to hearing screams, but today the screams consisted of "Scooter! Scooter!" over and over. Mr. Ahannoccm's face grew taut and red as his anger boiled over.

"Would you please stop?" he yelled.

"Scooter! Scooter!" the other class yelled, louder than before. Mr. Ahannoccm's face got redder.

"Please stop! I'm warning you!" he screamed.

The other class kept right on shouting. Now, they were pushing the partition back and forth, in rythym with their chants.

Mr. Ahannoccm charged into the partition, ramming shoulder first. He crashed right through, collapsing it on the other side. "Do NOT use the S-word EVER AGAIN!" he bellowed, standing amid billowing clouds of dust.

And they never did it again.

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