December 4, 2000

Thanks, graduates, for making a great semester

Josh Renaud

Thanksgiving was a few weeks back, and Christmas is now in full swing even though it's just under a month away.

But now that we're here near the end of the semester, I'm getting reflective, and I feel like I need to express my gratitude, especially to some staff members who are leaving the paper to graduate.

The Current wouldn't run very well without its managing editor. This semester it was Brian Douglas, and he's done a great job.

This spring when I was trying to assemble a staff, no one had expressed interest in the job. As I thought about people who might have the right stuff for the job, Brian popped into my head. I asked him if he'd do it, and he said yes. I am glad he did.

Without Brian, it would have been near-impossible for the newspaper to accomplish all the things that it has this semester, like moving (months after we thought we would), holding the SGA debates, producing the 1000th issue, running a news department without a news editor, and so much more. He helped develop a very green writing staff into a much better writing staff.

But now, just when it seems we've figured things out, it's time for Brian to graduate and move on with his life and his writing career. I'm really going to miss his everyday antics next semester, his unique attire and body language, and most especially his support and good work at the paper. Thanks a lot for everything, Brian.

Other folks are leaving the paper, too. If UMSL didn't have this darned graduation deal, things would be much easier here. Dave Baugher has been a faithful production associate. Two years ago, Dave was my boss when he was editor-in-chief. Last year he came back as a member of the production department, and I became his boss. At first it was awkward, especially since he just wouldn't approach layout and design the way I did. Ego is a problem for me, so my way always seems like the best way to me.

This year, the awkwardness was gone. It was a pleasure getting to know Dave and all his quirks. He did great work for us, especially on the 1000th issue. He made immense, selfless contributions to the paper over the years. Thanks Dave, for being a great assistant. There, it's in print.

Dana Cojocaru has also been a faithful, reliable staff member at The Current. She has always been very professional, friendly, and I'm grateful for the work she's done as our business associate. Dana, I know you will be successful in the business world. Just come to bowling a few times, okay?

I'd also like to thank Derek Evans for coming this semester. When I first met Derek, I didn't know what to think of him. Our self-described "resident obnoxious Jew," Derek has become a well-loved member of the staff, and most importantly he has written some very good stuff for us this semester. Thanks, Derek!

So, congrats to the graduates. I'd also like to say thanks to the entire staff of The Current. Everyone's hard work has made this a great semester.

This article was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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