April 23, 2001

Police chase man with gun through campus

by Josh Renaud
senior editor

A man was arrested last Wednesday after an incident involving a gun on Florissant Road. The man was apprehended by Normandy police with help from the UMSL police after a chase that crossed campus.

The chase occurred around 7 p.m., about an hour after the Mirthday festival ended.

Sgt. Bruce Gardiner of the UMSL police explained that he and other officers were handling a separate incident at Hollywood Park Apartments when a motorist flagged them down and said a man was pointing a gun at another man farther down Florissant Road.

Gardiner notified Normandy police, since the incident occurred in their jurisdiction. The UMSL officers located the victim of the incident and then an UMSL police dispatcher informed them that the suspect had been sighted on the MetroLink platform.

Gardiner approached the platform from the south and was spotted by the suspect, who began walking to a telephone near the MetroLink parking lot. Gardiner gestured to a Normandy police officer who was approaching from the opposite direction and they stopped the suspect at the telephone.

"The Normandy officer was attempting to cuff him when he broke free and started to run through the MetroLink lot," Gardiner said.

He and the other officer began chasing the suspect, Gardiner said, when he saw a gun had fallen.

The officers chased the suspect through traffic on East Drive and past the new East Drive parking garage onto the private Lucas property east of the garage. When more officers joined the chase, the suspect reached for his waistband, Gardiner said. There was enough light that the officers could see he didn't have anything in his hands.

"They were going to protect themselves if they had to," Gardiner said. "That guy was lucky it was still daylight. He went in looking, and I don't think he realized he'd dropped his gun."

The suspect was finally caught and arrested on the MetroLink tracks near the Lucas property.

This article was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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