Letter to the Editor

April 28, 2003

Year after year paper improves

Dear Editor:

The Student Activities Budget Committee made a foolish decision when it denied The Current its allocation of student fees.

The Current is one of the top student papers in the state. This spring, The Current won "Best Overall Newspaper" from the Missouri College Media Association for the second year in a row.

If The Current had demonstrated it was fiscally irresponsible, or if The Current had withdrawn from participating in the campus community, perhaps the SABC decision would be justified.

But year after year, The Current has grown and improved. It handles its finances well and is less dependent on student fees than most other student newspapers in the St. Louis area.

The Current also makes enormous contributions to the UMSL community by participating in and promoting almost all of UMSL's student activities. It informs and entertains the campus community with insightful stories every week.

And unlike other student organizations, which provide leadership opportunities for just a few students, The Current has a staff of 25-30 students who get practical experience in a variety of fields. No other organization on campus provides so many students such great training.

The SABC decision was clearly based on dissatisfaction with The Current's content, or perhaps some personal vendettas. But the SABC isn't allowed to make its financial allocations based on such things.

If the students on SABC can't come to their senses, then UMSL administrators should pressure them to do the right thing: allocate a fair amount of money to The Current. The paper's staff has more than earned it.

Josh Renaud
Former editor-in-chief
The Current
Hazelwood, MO

This letter was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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