April 19, 1999

Mirthday events to include the ska band 'The Urge'

by Josh Renaud
staff assistant

This Thursday, expect all the annual merry festivities of Mirthday, say members of the University Program Board, with a big addition: The Urge.

UPB President Carrie Mowen and Secretary-Treasurer Jackie Anderson said they were excited and enthused that the popular local ska/funk/metal band agreed to play at UM-St. Louis, and they hope that students enjoy the opportunity.

"I hope [The Urge] will draw a large crowd," Anderson said. "The Urge is a band that many students have asked us to bring to campus, so I'm hoping the word gets out and draws people to the rest of Mirthday."

In addition to the live music, Mirthday will feature lots of activities for students to enjoy.

"[Mirthday] is kind of like a carnival," Anderson said. "It's just kind of a breather, to take a break from school, since finals are around the corner."

"We are doing a whole plethora of games, like the blow-up games we had at EXPO," Mowen said. "We'll be doing jousting, and we're having tarot card readers, palm readers, human darts, caricaturists, and even human-sized hamster wheels. All this stuff is free."

Students hoping to eat, drink, and be merry for free will be disappointed, though, because there will be a cost for food.

"The prices for lunches will be around the same as the Underground prices," Mowen explained.

Student organizations will have booths set up, and intrepid students might be able to mooch free food and other goodies while perusing the booths, Mowen said. In addition, students will be able to vote in the Student Government Association elections by visiting the voting booth.

"They'll all be handing out free to stuff to try and recruit new members or win students' votes," she said.

The student organization booths and most of the rest of the Mirthday activities will be taking place in the area near Parking Garage C and the University Center loading docks, Anderson said.

"The stage will be in the area near the loading docks," she said, "and the booths will be in the patch of grass near Parking Garage C. There will also be a sand volleyball tournament in that same general area."

Mirthday begins at 10 a.m. when ska band Fat Cactus, winner of the recent UM-St. Louis Battle of the Bands competition, takes the stage. Fat Cactus will play until noon. The Urge will play from noon until 2 p.m., when the festivities will wind down for two hours. Mirthday will come back to life from 4 p.m. until 6 p.m. so evening students can join in.

"We've worked hard this semester to make Mirthday a success," Mowen said, "and I hope people enjoy what we've put together and take the time to come out, meet other students, and have a good time."

This article was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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