November 15, 1999

Five Iron Frenzy thrills fans with new live release

by Josh Renaud
staff editor

Proof that the Youyth are Revolting
Our Grade: A

This is the most positive revolution you've ever listened to. "Proof that the Youth are Revolting," the brand new live album for the Christian punk/ska band Five Iron Frenzy, is not just a showcase of the members' sonic skills. No, this album is also a testament to the fervor of the fans who love their gospel message.

The idea behind this album was to capture the essence of FIF's tours this year. The band's producer, Masaki, did an excellent job of fusing songs, impromptu gags and jokes, audience participants, and hilarious miscues and mistakes from 11 of their shows this year.

This is definitely an eclectic album, including 13 of FIF's best songs, two new songs, a brilliant and hilarious cover of "It's Not Unusual," two brief joke songs, and lots of humorous exchanges between lead vocalist Reese Roper, the other members, and the audiences.

Roper, also the band's chief lyricist, writes humorous an biting songs that FIF fans love to sing along with. You can clearly hear the audience singing and screaming the words to almost every song on the album.

While FIF's frantic, hyper music is the main selling point of the album, it is also loaded with humorous exchanges. The album is 18 tracks long, but between almost all of the tracks, the bandmembers take turns doing outrageous things for the audience. Then the band kicks off one of the fastest songs on the album, "Blue Comb '78," and the audience goes nuts.

FIF closes their concerts with "Every New Day," a passionate song written as a prayer describing dependence on God. It's an appropriate way to clos ethe album, but be sure to fast-forward to the hidden track, where several minutes of mistakes and funny miscues have been recorded for posterity.

All in all, "Proof that the Youth are Revolting" is an incredible live album, and an excellent encapsulation of FIF's tours this year.

This article was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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