Guest Commentary

February 21, 2000

Good things if Butler remained

Josh Renaud
Guest commentator

Give me Darwin Butler or give me death!

Yes, friends, I voted for Darwin Butler last spring with a clean, clear conscience. I voted for him unashamedly, with my head held high and my chest puffed proudly.

I miss the man. Sometimes, when a professor is getting particularly monotonous and my mind wanders, I wonder what this year might have been like had Darwin been able to serve his term.

Now, I admit that the following hypothetical situation is far-fetched and perhaps impossible for some to imagine. All I ask is that you sit back, clear your mind of anything important, and try.

Think back to the beginning of the year. Instead of spending the month of October fighting to stay in his office and out of jail, Darwin would have spent it fighting the powers that be over his pet issue - educational fees.

A lot has happened outside the small circle of the SGA that has or will affect students, whether they realize it or not. Darwin had very bold stances on all of these issues. The faculty may have found it more difficult to seize control of the campus government with Darwin raising hell about it. Then again, the faculty may have found a welcome ally in Darwin as they voiced their opposition to Chancellor Touhill's fiscal and personnel policies.

Remember the Week of Dialogue that the SGA was planning to participate in? It was intended to be a chance for students to address racial conflicts and misunderstandings, face to face. And then it was cancelled. Do you think that would have happened if Darwin had remained firmly in control of the SGA?

Love him or hate him, you have to concede that Darwin was a man who made things happen. He was a mover and a shaker, and on a campus with a stagnant, uninvolved student body, those are valuable qualities to have in student leadership.

I have no doubt that if Darwin had completed his term as president it would have been a very controversial year, but he would have accomplished things. That's something the current officers of the SGA can't claim.

So, after a little Darwin daydreaming, I'm eagerly awaiting the April elections, though not so much for the chance to choose between candidates. I'm planning to walk right up to the polling place, find the blank line for write-in candidates, and pencil in the name of the man himself. Go, Darwin, go!

This article was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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