October 9, 2000

Good things come to those who wait

Josh Renaud

Waiting makes almost everything more worthwhile. That's been my lesson the last week or so.

Saturday, the St. Louis Cardinals completed their sweep of the Atlanta Braves with a 7-1 victory. In the previous two games, the Cards won 7-5 and 10-4.

As an official, certified Braves-hater, this moment was a long time in coming. I've always been a Cards fan, even through the lean times at the beginning of the 90s. When St. Louis finally reached the playoffs in 1996, I was ecstatic.

My rapture was obliterated when the Braves came back from a 3-1 series deficit and defeated the Cardinals 3 games in a row to take the National League Championship Series.

But not this year. The Cardinals kept the Braves from advancing to the NLCS for the first time since 1990. What made this series so great is that I was part of it. I attended game two of the series. It was the first time I've been to Busch in several years.

Moving into the Student Center was another example. Some folks have been waiting more than a decade for this building to open. Now, some campus departments are operating out of their new offices - The Current is one such department - and it won't be long before the University holds an official grand opening.

This building really is fantastic in a lot of ways - well worth the wait. Just this week I've made trips to the Office of the Registrar that were very convenient because it's in the same building as our office. If the eateries had been open, I would've taken advantage of them as well.

And, yes, even the SGA elections were worth the wait. I was disappointed and skeptical as anyone when the spring elections were cancelled. I realized that the fall elections had the potential to benefit the student body, but in the context of last year, I didn't buy into it all the way.

Now the elections are over, and it appears that the student body has chosen three leaders who are all reform-minded and dedicated to making this a successful year for the SGA. We'll see if that really happens when SGA holds its first meeting of the semester on Tuesday.

And there's one more event, 30 years in the making, that I have to wait for. That is the publication of The Current's 1000th issue. In some ways, this wait is more intimidating than it is frustrating. I know this week will be hectic, as we try to promote the mammoth issue and actually produce it.

By next Monday, though, I know I'll heave a sigh of relief and look back at the whole thing fondly. After all, waiting makes it all worthwhile.

This article was reprinted with permission from The Current.

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