Ah, yes, the old photo album. Here you will see a few pictures of me, and other people and things related to me. If you are a big Josh Renaud fan, I'm sure you will enjoy them. The most recent photos have been added at the bottom.

This is me, sitting at "our table" before school. This particular picture was taken on the seniors' last day at West, making it all the more memorable (I guess).

Here comes my brother Jon running out the front door of my house. Isn't it a beautiful house? The lawn looks even better now, since this picture was taken in early spring.

Here I am, just after eating dinner on our Prom night (that's sparkling apple juice I'm drinking). Dinner was prepared and hosted by Jeff and Shari Schultz, and BOY was it good!

Jedediah, the mutant bichon frise, stares at something in the backyard. We call him the mutant dog, because he is extremely large for his breed. But I love him anyway....

Sure you've seen the "dancing baby" computer animation, but have you seen the Dancing Josh? This was me on New Year's Eve at DisneyWorld, jumping around and pretending to dance.

Ah yes, here is a classic Josh moment. This picture was taken by Kim DeWilde (excellent quality, wouldn't you say?) after an evening of miniature golf with her sister, my brother, Kim, and myself.

Since the Three Nice Guys contest began, Justin has overwhelmingly kicked mine and Steve's butts. Well, this is Justin on the phone with one of his many female friends (not "girlfriends"), sitting on a toilet in my parents' bathroom, trying to get some privacy. Life in our house can be lunacy sometimes. Girls, PLEASE STOP WRITING TO ME AND ASKING ME TO TELL JUSTIN HOW CUTE YOU THINK HE IS! He has enough girl problems in REAL LIFE... :)

This picture is from my mom's recent 40th birthday. That is myself along with my ultra-cool parents in the photo. Who do you think I look the most like?

I love bowling because it's so delicious and nutricious.. for the soul, that is. Pictured here you can see my friend Christy Taloe (far right). This picture was taken by the inimitable Jaxman.

You know, for some reason I have a hard time just smiling normally into a camera lense.

This is what I would look like if I wore contacts. Unfortunately, my left eye has an astigmatism (that means it's shaped weird like an asteroid) so it's hard to make a contact that will stay in right. Therefore, I will continue wearing glasses forever and ever!

Joe "I got stroke" Harris, Tom "Ato" Wombacher, and I strike a stupid pose for a picture used in the classic Stagnant ad "What Makes DUMSL Students So Smart?"

Here I am helping Benjamin Israel with a computer at The Current, when it was in the "old house" at 7940 Natural Bridge.

This is the photo we used for my weekly column in The Current. It's one of the rare photos that features me smiling normally.

Me and other members of The Current staff pose for a group picture during our trip to CMA/ACP in Washinton D.C., November 2000.

Well, we went to the White House twice, but both times we didn't have enough free time to take the tour. The first afternoon we went, we were approached by TV reporters who wanted to get us to comment on the Bush-Gore vote controversy that was going on at the time. Rhashad and I were primed to do it when the reporters were suddenly called away to do something else. So much for my big break!

Here we are fooling around at some monument in D.C. late at night.

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